Silver Embroidery Membership Level

Are You New To Embroidery But Want To Get A Quick Start
With Your Embroidery Business!

If you are brand new to embroidery and want to get started quickly, the Silver Level will be a great place for you to start! It has the tools that you will need to help you get off to a fast start without hurting your budget! Inside of the Silver Level of “The Embroidery Training Resource Center” by Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach, you will find videos and articles in Embroidery Basics plus you will find Embroidery Techniques and the Monthly Training Program. 

Embroidery Basics

Inside of Embroidery Basics, you will find multiple videos in each category on where to learn the basics of how to hoop your garments, Design Placement and more.

You will receive easy to understand instructions that include many basic techniques…such as:

Red ArrowBasic Set Ups & Tools – You are taught many basic setups and tools that you need to use. How to change a cone of thread, how to change a needle, how to change a bobbin and the basic tools for each.

Red ArrowEmbroidery Backing & Toppings – You are given very specific guidelines for selecting the right backing/stabilizers to use for each of the different fabrics.

Red ArrowEmbroidery Thread Tensions – You are taught how to set your tensions and the best tools to use and how to keep your embroidery thread tensions balanced so that you avoid bird nesting and have great quality stitching.

Red ArrowFavorite Embroidery Backing Recipes – I even share my favorite backing/stabilizer recipes for most fabrics along with the Style Numbers of each one and the source for my backings to make it easy!

Red ArrowEmbroidery Hooping Guidelines – Easy to follow guidelines with pictures showing you many garments along with what backing & needles to use for different types of garments avoiding mistakes!

Red ArrowEmbroidery Placement – A Placement Chart for the Left Chest or Right Chest embroidery design applications and Guidelines are given for placement for all of the most popular applications on garments as well as linens!

Red ArrowEmbroidery Finishing – How to finish a garment to create that quality presentation whether it is a sample or a completed order for a customer! Finishing a garment properly is huge in how your customer will perceive your quality!

Red ArrowEmbroidery Machine Maintenance – How to maintain your machines on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with forms to keep track of your maintenance.

I share my insider secrets from over 30 years of experience that you can’t find in any classroom. What this means to you is less trial and error! I once had a teacher tell me that “Smart people learn by their mistakes, but Smarter people learn from other people’s mistakes!” That is what I want for you! There is no reason for you to go through what I did, you can learn and profit from my mistakes!

Embroidery Techniques

Inside of Embroidery Techniques, you will find multiple videos and will receive Step by Step Instruction on where to place your designs, how to hoop your garments, sew out your designs on items such as:

Red ArrowKnit Shirts – Polos – Golf – Staff Shirts – Sweatshirts – T-Shirts

Red ArrowWoven Shirts

Red ArrowCaps – Visors

Red ArrowJackets

Red ArrowLinens – Towels

Red ArrowBelts & Straps

Red ArrowBags

Red ArrowBlankets

Red ArrowMiscellaneous Items

Red ArrowDifficult Fabrics

Red ArrowPatches

“Simple Step by Step Instructions For Embroidery Repairs!”

StitcheraserI give you simple step by step instructions on how to repair those horrible mistakes that we all try so hard to avoid! Unfortunately, everyone makes a mistake now and then, but you need to know how to save those expensive garments when mistakes do occur! Repair almost any mistake instead of starting from scratch! Sometimes you have garments that cannot be replaced! It is very important to have the skills to be able to fix these mistakes just in case you have items that customers have brought in to you and you do not have any way of replacing these items!

Monthly Trainings Currently On Line!

Want To Catch Up On Monthly Trainings?  Here are a few that are currently on line.  A new one is added each month!

  • Organizing Your Embroidery Business
  • Details Necessary For A Successful Embroidery Business
  • Discover The Secrets to Using My Personalized Embroidery Design Template System
  • Learn Which Underlay Stitching You Should Use In Your Embroidery Designs
  • Learn The Secrets To How To Create And Apply Embroidery Pull Compensation
  • What It Takes To Price Your Embroidery Correctly For A Profit!
  • Embroidery On Caps Made Easy!
  • Small Lettering Made Easy!
  • Working With And Creating Spreadsheets!
  • And Many More!

The “Silver Level” is the perfect place to start if you want to get started in your Embroidery business quickly. Let The Embroidery Coach help you learn the embroidery skills that you need to get you off to a fast start with your own Embroidery Business!

You have all of this information at your fingertips plus “A new training each month!” A monthly investment of only 



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