Designing Your Embroidery Business for 2017!

This is a Virtual Workshop that I created in December of 2016. It was getting ready for 2017.  This same system can be applied for any year.  Download the workbook and Notesheets that you will use in this course.

2017 Planning Workbook
Planning Day 2017 Notesheets

Video: Designing Your Embroidery Business for 2017!

In this video I go over Step 1 – Figure out exactly what you want to do in your business in 2017!

Video:  Your Vision For Your Business

Step 2 – Write down the vision of your business one year from today. This includes the goals that you have set for this year along with the Annual Sales Projection!

Video: Determining The Different Steps Necessary To Achieve Your Goals

Step 3 – Determine what steps you need to take to achieve your vision and your goals.

Video: Creating Your 2017 Plan

Step 4 – Create your 2017 Month to Month Plan 

Video: Create A Checklist for Promotions

Step 5 – Create a Monthly Checklist for Promoting your Business