How To Embroider Caps with Ease – Webinar Videos

Here are the videos from a webinar that I gave called How To Embroider Caps With Ease!  I cover many issues and problems that many embroiderers encounter when they are learning how to embroider caps and I show you how to solve those issues!

In this 1st video I go over the most common issues that many embroiderers have as they are learning how to hoop caps. Working with caps really is not that hard. It is like any thing else when it is new and foreign. Caps are your biggest money maker by far and you need to learn how to deal with them, all types of them.

In this video I show you how to hoop properly to avoid issues when you are hooping the caps. Hooping caps properly will help to avoid many of the issues that embroiderers commonly have.

In this video I talk about using the Third Hand Hooper. This is a cap hooping device that you should not be without if you do a lot of caps. It will save you a lot of time as well as effort on your hands. I have been using one since 1995 and I would never hoop a cap without it!

In this video I show you how to hoop Visors and Bucket Caps. Visors come in different sizes as far as the height of the front. Some are more difficult to work with than others. Bucket caps are not a problem at all when you get the feel of it.

In this video I am showing you how to avoid design issues when you are embroidering on caps.

In this video I show you how to create the permanent cap grid. Creating a permanent cap grid makes it easy when you are setting up your designs to sew on the cap on the front and sides all in one operation. It is a huge timesaver!

In this video I show you how to edit a design that has been created for a left chest embroidery so that it will work properly for a cap. Designs for caps are created from the center out and the bottom up and most left chest designs are not. If you want to use your left chest designs, many of them will need to be edited to make them sew out at their best. In this video I go through a design and show you how I edited it to make it work great for a cap.

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