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Learn The “Secrets” Of How To Create A Profitable Embroidery Price List!
“Pricing Your Embroidery Wrong Is The One Mistake
You Cannot Afford To Make!

For many years I worked very hard trying to make a living with my embroidery business and no matter how many hours I put into it or how hard I worked, I just could not seem to make ends meet!  I could not understand what I was doing wrong.  I was at the point where I had to make a decision, either I figure out how to turn this business around or close the doors!  I could not do that; I had 32 employees at that time and they depended on me!  That alone was a huge responsibility!

My Accountant Came To The Rescue!

I finally sat down with my accountant and he told me that I need to raise my prices. I was scared to death to raise my prices; I would loose all of my customers!  He told me that I needed to start keeping track of every movement that I made in my shop.  At first I thought that he was way off base and did not understand how my business worked.  I thought there was no way that I could track everything, but  he showed me exactly how to do it!.  After a week of  keeping track of all of the steps that actually went into each job, I discovered that I had been loosing a lot more money than I originally thought! I also discovered that I had no choice but to raise my prices!  I was giving all of my work away and absolutely not making any money! My employees were the only ones that were benefiting from this business!  I was not getting anything from it except a huge headache and a lot of sleepless nights!

Are You Sick and Tired of Working So Hard and Not Making Enough Money?

I understand! I felt exactly the same way.  I knew all along that I needed to raise my prices but how could I do that and not loose my customers?  I was working way too many hours a week, but I was not making enough to even take home a paycheck!  Are you able to take a paycheck from your embroidery business?  My accountant said  this was no way to run a business and we was right!

Here Are Just a Few of the Mistakes that I Made! Can You Relate to Any of Them?

  • I created my price list like everyone else did, I gathered price lists from the other embroiderers and average them out.  That was my price list!
  • I also charged by the stitch count alone, because that is what everyone else was doing!  Are you making the same mistake?
  • I was absorbing all of the other costs that went into the ordering and production process!  Who was paying to get the design ready for the customer?  Who was paying for me or someone else to organize the order before production? Who was paying to hoop the garments?  Who was paying to finish and pack the garments?  I was and that is not the way it was supposed to be!
  • I would lower my prices when a customer said they could get it cheaper from a competitor! I thought that a little money was better than none at all!

I was clueless when it came to how to price my embroidery! I just doing what everyone else was doing!  That was not the way to go, but I did not know any different! I had no business background and up until a short period before my accountant started helping me, I did not even have an accountant!

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